From: Tyler Ericsson

9 - to - 5 Slave Turned Internet Landlord and Adventurer!


Hello I'm Tyler Ericsson, the creator of Net Space Profits, and I am excited to introduce you to my newly released Version 3.0 System which is more Powerful Than EVER.

If you're like me the first thing you want you're wondering is do I even need to read this page?
What is Net Space Profits about and what's in it for me?

In a nutshell, Net Space Profits is a very efficient process of cranking out a portfolio of highly effective, highly targeted, and precisely positioned 1-page websites for 43 specific business categories and then quickly leasing those spaces to local businesses in your market…

Check it out for yourself right now and you'll see how my system works with your own eyes.

Simply go to Google and search for the phrase "florists in mesa".

If you were looking for a florist in Mesa Arizona, this would be the most logical term you would search.

You will see this from your Google search, Number 1, "Florists in Mesa", that's mine - I set this Net Space up quickly as a demo for you.

Using my Net Space Profits system I effortlessly set up these sites I call “spaces” and then use my 3 step technique to get them well positioned in local searches just like this REAL LIVE Example your looking at, what I then would do is lease this ‘space' to a local florist for them to put their telephone number on.�

This very space leases for at least $300 and the florist pays me every 30 days just for leaving their phone number on there.... The massive CASH pieis just waiting for YOU.



That's what Net Space Profits is all about... when someone is looking for a plumber in your city, they find your local plumbing site which funnels them right to your client.


If you take the internet as a whole we all know that is a huge monster.

But, when you narrow your focus down to a single local market by
selecting a specific local domain things begin to change.

Next, by zeroing in on one specific business category in that
one specific market, you can see how your Net Space funnel
site can quickly grab the corner of the market...

Your space can quickly be well positioned in local search to complete your funnel.

You can simply follow the exact, very specific process using the software I am going to give you to create your funnel sites and repeat it over and over again until you reach your income goal.

I'll show you how to create your spaces to capitalize on great positioning in local search for any market you choose...

It took 10 months... 2 programmers, 3 graphic designers, 2 server experts, 3 video makers, & 2 writers...

To build the Net Space Profits training center. Not an easy task and quite a costly undertaking, but
It's All Done And Ready For YOU Now.

And if you're willing to focus like a laser beam on what I am about to disclose for you, then you are exactly where you need to be to take a shortcut straight to the top of the elite circle of massive automatic income earners.

I should know because that's exactly where I found myself just a short while ago.

You see, thinking I was a big shot a few years ago I decided I was going to be a "real estate" tycoon. And where did that get me?

Well, when the economy tanked and real estate became about as valuable as toxic waste practically overnight, I was dead broke and $702,000.00 in massive debt.

Net Space Profits is not about real estate at all, but going broke because of it was the best thing that ever happened to me and the exact reason you can capitalize on my misfortunes.

Here's why…

Scrambling to dump my real estate empire fast, and after firing 3 different realtors who couldn't produce so much as a single prospect, I was desperate, sinking fast, and willing to try anything to get myself out of that awful situation. The bank was tightening the noose it had around my neck and had no intention of backing off.

It's when I got this friendly letter from the bank that I thought for sure my future looked very bleak…

Yeah OK, "702,000 due in full…" let me grab my wallet.
Or better yet, if I give you a check can you hold it for like... ummm... a hundred years?

I couldn't even afford to put a "for sale" ad in the newspaper. Out of shear desperation that's when I decided to try to sell my property on the Internet. Problem was, I am no techno geek and my knowledge and experience with the Internet would fit on the head of a pin.

So, as you can imagine, I was convinced this would be a total waste of time, but I had no other ideas and it seemed like everything was closing in on me fast… You know the feeling – overwhelmed and a little defeated I guess you could say...

Before I go on, I want to remind you Net Space Profits has nothing to do with real estate, nothing at all…

Now, if you're smarter than all of that nonsense and you are the kind of person who understands the big picture, and are ready to grab a credible long-term business that can create a residual monthly income at virtually any level you choose then stick around because I am going to detail for you a very specific and simple process anyone can duplicate over and over again until you reach your target income goal…

Getting back to my story, I did not know anything about making a Web site or online advertising or anything like that.

And my marketing budget was very simple: ZERO

So this is what I did. I simply did a little research. You know online you can pretty much find out information about anything.

I had to learn how to get some basic local exposure on the internet without spending any money – and I had to do it fast.

Once I got the basic idea of what I needed to do – I registered a local domain for about ten bucks then I got some pictures of my property and I got a free web design off the internet, very basic- and I made a simple one-page site.

This is it right here:

As you can see it looked terrible. It looked very amateur, very beginner stuff but I did the best I could. And anybody can do it.

It's only fair to note at this point that the first time I put that one-page site up it took me at least a good 16 hours or more. It was definitely trial and error.

Today, using my simple system, that same process takes me about 15 minutes now and that's because I have a method. I have a step by step precise method. The same thing I'm going to show you how to do in just a moment…

Anyway, after my one-page site was up I followed some very basic steps that I'd picked up online to try to get some local exposure to my page - I did things that didn't cost anything because I didn't have much money to spend.

For the first 2 or 3 weeks after that I got a few leads but nothing great. It was looking really bleak and I was starting to believe that the bank would win and I was sunk so I might as well just give up.

But giving up is not my style, so I went back to the drawing board. I figured "hey if I got a few people to find it, I can get more I just need to figure out how". So, I made some changes, I did 3 things different to my site mostly about how I had it listed (I'll tell you what those 3 things were in just a moment)..., But, I made those changes blindly hoping something would happen, something would go my way.

I don't know about you, but do you ever go thru those times when you just need a "victory". You need a win, not a landslide, just something positive to go your way?

Well, what happened next was nothing short of amazing: not only was my site getting lots of exposure, my property was shown to more potential buyers over the next 30 days than it had been shown in the prior 2 years. Just from that one-page Web site, I had more potential buyers than my realtor had come up with ever (and he has his own very fancy website).

…bottom line to all this, my property was sold and my $702,000 in debt was gone forever.

Read this carefully because this is what can make you a ton of money...

Look at this chart, this tells the story:

This is the first secret you need to know: That chart shows the online stats from my website. You can see in the left column are the dates shown by week, and in the right column is the number of visitors for each week.

Look at the first week in February.

You see how the number skyrocketed from less than a hundred to more than 500 literally overnight. You see, there is the key to everything, and you can make your spaces work the exact same way…

I'll show you how to apply this process to create your spaces to capitalize on great positioning in local search for any market you choose...

It's no coincidence that Google, Yahoo & Bing all now have special divisions for this one purpose and this purpose only.


Immediately after my property was sold I realized there was something significant that I had done with my site - very significant and here's how I knew:

The Realtor AND this house flipper guy I know BOTH called me that very same day and asked if I had any use for the website? They both wanted to "take it off my hands". All of a sudden I was popular, very popular.

You see, it was at that very moment that I realized the simple, little crappy website, made by the worst web site maker in the world - ME, a total amateur, had value, and it had real value… Because it could funnel customers to any business I chose to funnel them to. And customers are worth money, big money.

Hey, I'm just like you, I like money, lots of it. When I see a golden opportunity I NEVER pass it up. And here I had these two guys basically in a tug of war for my crappy site. Well, I decided it wasn't for sale but I would gladly "rent it out" to the highest bidder. Wouldn't you?

And that was the day my life changed forever… that one "victory" I needed to happen.

That was only the beginning though... and most importantly, like I promised, you can now see this is not about real estate at all...

I went to work immediately duplicating what I had done for every kind of business I could think of. I saw dollar signs, BIG dollar signs and I was moving fast to cash in. Plumbers, dentists, florists, caterers, nail salons, chiropractors, you need name it - there's tons of cash to be made and I was grabbing it.


I knew if I could rent one site out for $300, then if I rented out 100 or more that would be $30,000 a month, and that was not a bad goal (at least for starters anyway!).


Have you ever seen a McDonalds restaurant on a deserted back street or dark alley that no one ever goes down?

Of course not, but for most any local business that does not have precisely positioned HIGH visibility in local internet and smartphone search, it's the exact same thing as being located on a deserted back street or dark alley that no one will ever go down.

My realtor has his own website and in almost 2 years never produced a single hot prospect. That's because his website is on a deserted road with tumbleweeds blowing by just like almost every other local business out there.

Sure, his site is fancy and looks great – and I am sure he spent a fortune on it – which sucks for him because it doesn't bring him any customers… it's lost in internet outer space.

Your Net Spaces are on Main Street USA funneling tons of hot prospects and customers everyday.

Best of all, my advertising budget is still ZERO because I know the 3 things that make this business work like magic.

Here's the one fact that is driving huge demand for my spaces on the Internet: People don't use the yellow pages anymore, and with radio and television advertising quickly becoming a thing of the past, the Internet and smartphones have taken over as the tools that everyone uses… We all know that…

And that's why local businesses are losing a fortune right now…

… it's a huge problem that opens up a golden window opportunity for you if you can follow the simple and proven 3-step process, that I map out for you.

So, now you see what I mean…

Net Space Profits is not about making or selling websites for businesses…

Net Space Profits is very efficient process for cranking out highly effective, highly targeted, and precisely positioned local websites (or "spaces" as I call them) that do one thing and one thing only - funnel tons of customers and prospects to your clients.

You own the sites, you control the sites, you funnel customers to your select group of businesses that you hand pick and who pay you every month.

Here's another example you can check out for yourself and see it in real life, with your own eyes:

You will find another of my funnel sites I set up as a demo ranked #1 in Google.

And as you can imagine, this site is a very hot property and local Chiropractors in Mobile Alabama would pay handsomely to have their Telephone number and contact info on it.

I set this demo site up using my simple 3 step process anyone can copy and do the exact same way.

Right now, people use the internet, and more specifically the local internet, to locate the local businesses that they want to do business with and they are doing it more than ever and with the soaring use of iPhones and smart phones... It is a growing thing and local internet visibility is more important to businesses right now than it ever has been in the past.

This is a very important point I want you to remember: research has shown that when a person goes online to search out a local business, a local service or product, locally in their market, they are looking for who they can purchase from. When a person gets to that point where they are online researching, they are in the buying mode. They are ready to buy. That's why it is extremely important that a business have local internet visibility, funneling those buyers to their doorstep.

And that's what net space profits is all about... when someone is looking for a plumber in your city, they find your local plumbing site which funnels them right to your client.

You can simply follow the exact, very specific process using the software I am going to give you to create your funnel sites and repeat it over and over again until you reach your income goal.

And here's another reason why your clients love leasing your local funnel sites for their business…

It's instant results and risk-free for them.

You see, most local businesses have tried to tap the local internet with no success – they simply do not have the know-how or the time.

- and what's great for you is most businesses have spent a ton or have been burned by web designers who overcharged them a fortune and delivered little or nothing.

That's perfect for you because your local funnel sites give your clients exactly what they have been trying to do forever…

- and you're giving it to them on a silver platter.

It's important to note something really special about this business and that is the fact that you deal with a select group of clients that you hand pick.

So one of the major things about this business I want you to note right now is that when you are in the Net Space business you are not waking up every morning worrying where are you going to get more customers to buy whatever? or where can I advertise? or am I going to make any sales today?

The Net Space business is totally different – you set it up once and that's it. Since you are dealing with businesses that pay you every month, you have a very steady and reliable income without having to chase your tail every day.

You see, Net Space Profits is a training center, software, and a unique suite of tools where I teach you exactly how to do this and how to become really good at it.

Bottom line is that the Net Space Profits 3.0 software is the world's ONLY REAL complete turn key system when it comes to making money online… and I've been absolutely transparent in how it works from A-Z.

That's why it is such a big success. It's not based on hype, theory, or magic software. It's based on real demand from a credible and stable client base – local businesses – And that's why net space profits can create such an amazing long-term monthly residual income for you.

Best of all there's literally no limit to how high your monthly income can grow even if you don't have a single marketable skill to your name…

And the coolest thing about it: Your income comes in automatically every month

Plus, the demand is growing by leaps and bounds every day…

I started Net Space Profits in the worst economy since the great depression and the crazy thing is that it's much easier than any dead-end job I ever had, plus it can give me the income, free time and security that I've always wanted.

While I am on the subject of a bad economy, let me share something with you about that banker who told me "I might as well give up, I'll never be able to pay off the $702,000 loan…"

If you call this telephone number:

…you will find that it is not a working number.

This is in fact, or rather "was" the telephone number of the lender that I owed $702,000 to. And I'll never forget the day that fat cat banker looked down his nose at me and told me that I would never be able to pay those loans back and I might as well just give up. And I almost believed him. Well, as the story goes, I did pay that loan back in full. And who failed? – the lender.

And the ironic thing is I bet that fat cat banker whose lending company went belly up is probably sitting behind a desk at yet another bank, looking down his nose again at people like me and you telling them they aren't good enough to do business with him. And if he is a REALLY well paid banker, and I mean top of the scale for bankers he might be making $100,000 a year - and from my perspective today that is a very small number. Very small. So can the Net Space System change your life, you decide.

Net Space Profits is about a step-by-step process designed to get you to your goals.

The total cost is just $34. That's it. Not monthly, not annually, no bogus "trial offer"...
just 34 bucks flat.

– and that includes my 60 day, no questions asked, one click refund policy.

$34 dollars is actually a very small fraction of what Net Space Profits Version 1 and 2 sold for and Version 3.0 is loaded with tons of new features and the software tool is more powerful than ever.

I am opening up Version 3 for 34 bucks on a very limited basis because if you're like me, we've learned that truly great and rewarding businesses are built on long-term profitable relationships and not the quick buck, flash in the pan stuff so many people are trying to pass off on us.

So, right now is your opportunity to join a close group of people just like you and me who share the same goals as us… whose #1 goal is to work together, share innovation, techniques and tools to create solid businesses, relationships, and long-term growth.

Isn't that crazy? And for the longest time I always worried about my future and stuff until I created Net Space Profits – and that's when everything changed.

You see, Net Space Profits is a training center, software, and a unique suite of tools where I teach you exactly how to do this and how to become really good at it.

All for a tiny 34 bucks…

So, this, right now is your starting point and is as real as it gets.

Take a minute and think about it.

Imagine where you want to be 30 days from now? 3 months or 6 months from now.

Set you goal: 5 spaces, 10, 20, 43, even 200?

You could even set up a handful of them by tonight!� Quite simply because it's completely FREE to set up these spaces and you NEVER touch them again.

And picture it...

Step back and just ask yourself, what will make you a lot more comfortable in your life right now?

Is it an extra $350 to 650 a month?
Is it an extra $1000?

Or maybe your goal is 8000 - $12000 per month, or more?


You can kind of gauge what it is that you want to make every month, and then you can set up how many sites you need based what your goals are from there.

The bottom line is the more local funnel spaces you lease out, the more money you can make. It's a linear graph and it's pretty simple that way.

You own the spaces, you control the spaces, you collect the handsfree residual income… and find these crisp $100 notes hitting your bank account like clockwork..

There's no limit to how much monthly income you can make!

Best of all, your spaces become real assets, Internet properties with real value. In fact, if you decide to "cash out" one day and sell your spaces, do not be surprised if you fetch a price in the high six figures. It can be significant.

The time to join is now. Start now and by this time next week you can easily have your first spaces up and running.

This is not a "typical" offer so you better hurry. Because while I'm not limiting this to any specific number (just in case we go over)...

I will have to take this page down at some point especially when word gets out I'm literally giving it away at a small $34 contribution, and judging by the number of people visiting this page every few seconds right now... It won't be long before everyone knows.

So don't procrastinate, join now while the opportunity is still open.

Ask yourself, where has procrastination ever got you? There's no reason to put this off, you've seen the proof and you also now understand the huge market that is just waiting for you. Ready for the taking and if you don't do it someone else will.

The Net Space Profits system is a training center, software, and a unique suite of tools where I teach you how to do this and how to become really good at it and its where I provide all of my exclusive tools as well those for automating it. So, the Net Space system includes step-by-step guides and video training, software, the best business categories to target. It's all given to you, ready to go, so that you can start right away.

So don't waste another minute. Join now. Your timing is perfect.

It's time for you to be awesome!

Tyler Ericsson
"9 to 5 Slave Turned Internet Landlord and Adventurer"

P.S. Remember, You have absolutely ZERO risk and ZERO financial commitment because I have so much confidence in how well the Net Space Profit 3.0 software and system works. � Remember all the risk is on me.

So for your complete peace of mind I'm going to let you try out this profit pulling software completely free for a full 60 days.

P.P.S That way you really get to try it out and witness the immense traffic pulling power of this system and software all at my expense and AT MY RISK. There is completely zero risk � and zero financial commitment on your part, you can make as much money as you want and if for any insane reason your not happy whatsoever with a REAL Credible turn key profit pulling piece of software.